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  • Awesome Show!

    Posted on January 25 2017

    Hey Y'all -  We had an awesome show on Facebook last week and I just wanted to give you a quick peek and the link to view it yourself. As well...

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  • Shipping!!

    Posted on March 24 2015

    Today it hit me that we have been shipping for 3 whole weeks now! I know that we are still in MAJOR infancy as far as a start-up - but you...

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  • Master Class by Derek J!

    Posted on March 11 2015

    I'm sure y'all are getting tired of me going on and on about Bronner Bros. Yes it was at least 3 weeks ago now - but it was such a...

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    Posted on March 04 2015

    In the process of launching Dr. Fill-In, I find myself doing "the most." The thing that I find doing the most of is dealing with a racing won't stop....

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  • Launched!

    Posted on February 24 2015

    All of us here at Dr. Fill-In are excited about the reception we received at our launch at the Bronner Brothers hair show this past weekend in Atlanta Georgia. We...

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