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Men's Hair Enhancement Starter Kit

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Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Medium Blonde

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Dr. Fill-In Hair Fibers are made of natural colored cotton that blend perfectly with your existing hair, instantly making thin and sparse areas appear fuller and thicker. Dr. Fill-In fibers enhance every hairline.

Dr. Fill-In Fiberhold Spray has been created to set and hold Dr. Fill-In's hair fibers and to make the results much more durable. It is fast drying and keeps your fibers in place even in a light rain or while at the gym.

Dr. Fill-In's pump applicator (optional) applies our hair fibers over a wide area very evenly and uniformly; especially for root coverage and hair extension blending. The pump makes it easier to cover male-pattern¬baldness that affects large areas over the top of the head and crown. The pump is also great for crown areas of women with stress balding & tension alopecia from weaves and other processes.


Arrange hair as desired. Pump, sprinkle or dab our fibers onto thinning and balding areas of your head. Be sure not to pump or sprinkle too closely to your hair because if the application is too thick it can result in an unnatural appearance. Once you are satisfied with the look and the amount of fibers needed, lightly tap down loose fibers into hair. Then finish with quick bursts of the included fiber hold spray to lock the fibers onto the hair.

Be sure to only use on dry hair.

This is a temporary product that can be shampooed our easily, as well an application can be brushed-out with a stiff bristle brush. How long it stays in your hair really depends on how you choose to take-care of your hair. If you want to keep the product in for 2-3 days - wear a Durag at bedtime and a shower cap for bathing. It is also easy enough to apply everyday if you choose. 

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